Like the rest of our range, we aim for the best teacher greeting cards. Show them you appreciated their hard work with one of our bright and to the point teacher appreciation cards!

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Teacher Appreciation Cards

Short and sweet, our thank you teacher cards get straight to the point. In our view, teachers don’t get enough appreciation from their pupils. After all, they’ve spent a year or more of their lives trying to get those facts and figures into your heads. Not the easiest of jobs to inspire pupils who are busy thinking about their next Facebook or Instagram post, or perhaps compiling the best snapchat shot in their minds, rather than appreciating all the hard work done by teachers that goes into presenting an interesting lessons! A little feedback in a thank you card goes a long way.

And remember, teaching is more than a job, it’s a vocation. These teachers need something nice to look forward to – after all, when they’ve achieved their best results, off the pupils go, with As and A*s to their name and that’s often the last the teacher will hear. Then it’s back to the drawing board, with another year of mixed ability students who may or may not actually be interested in learning. A teacher thank you card, (sometimes called a teacher appreciation card) gives them that little bit of feedback that they need for a job well done! After all, remember they were students too and they need a bit of praise and feedback like the pupils do, to get them energised for another year’s teaching ahead.

So go on. Give them a thank you card they deserve and buy your teacher a leaving card that says how much you think of them. Top marks to a great teacher!